Washroom Cleaning and Disinfecting Services in Kenya

We use harmless, eco-friendly cleaning products in our washroom cleaning services

Washroom Cleaning Services

Washrooms say a lot about a place and a person. When clients visit your business, they can tell just how much you’re concerned about their welfare by looking at your washrooms. The same goes for guest that you entertain in your home. All this shows how important it is to have reliable washroom cleaning services.

At Smart Touch Cleaning Services, we offer professional cleaning services in Kenya. Our focus is on healthy individuals, and we understand the role that clean washrooms have to play in achieving this. We, therefore, apply keen attention to detail when it comes to cleaning washrooms that our clients task us with.

We Mind Your Health and Time

We use harmless eco-friendly cleaning products and detergents in our washroom cleaning services to ensure no side effects on people or your office equipment. We also factor in time to ensure that your business and as well as your home can run smoothly without the interference of our cleaning services.

As a company, we have more than seven years of experience in home and office cleaning services in Nairobi, Kenya. This goes to show that you can trust us to deliver high-quality washroom cleaning services. We handle each one of our clients as a unique individual and as thus tailor solutions that meet the needs of each one of them.

Intricate Washroom Cleaning Processes

Some of the processess involved in our washroom cleaning services include:

  • Dust and wipe clean all shower rods, shower heads, sinks, commodes (clean underside of seats), towel bars, tissue holders etc
  • Dust and wipe clean all vanity cabinets from outside
  • Dust and clean all window glass, window sills and wall ornaments
  • Clean all mirrors, glasses and exhaust fan
  • Mechanized floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of all light switches and electric plates
  • Disinfection of Washroom

Trained Washroom Cleaning Professionals

We are made up of a team of trained professionals that have made cleaning their way of life. Cleaning freaks, you may call most of them, but it just sheer dedication and commitment to ensuring health standards are maintained. Call us today and say goodbye to all your cleaning problems.


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