Sofa Set and Furniture Cleaning Services for Your Home and Office

Sofa Set and Furniture Cleaning Services

While still brand new, a sofa set can make you stay curled up in it an entire day. This feeling of comfort changes drastically when the sofa started gathering dust and grease marks start showing. At Smart Cleaning Kenya, we are on standby to help you maintain that brand new look on your sofa set.

Professional Cleaning Services

We provide home and office cleaning services in Nairobi, Kenya tailored to meet the demands of all sofa set owners. Whether it is your favourite couch at home or the one at the waiting lounge in your business, trust us, we got you covered.

Expertly Trained Staff

We have a team of expertly trained staff that are competent in handling even leather sofa sets. We apply professional cleaning tools and techniques that maintain the high quality of the leather as well as its bright look.

Deep Cleaning Process

Our deep cleaning process ensures all the dirt, grime, stains from your furniture fabric is lifted effortlessly. Our upholstery cleaners can bring your furniture back to life. With our services, you can say goodbye to days of sneezing each time you sit down in your couch.

Affordable Cleaning Packages

Compared to other professional cleaning services in Kenya, we have the most favourable cleaning packages on offer. We take time with our clients to help them customise a sofa set cleaning services package that will suit their needs perfectly. We do not believe in profiling our clients' needs under one big umbrella. We understand that each client is unique and should be treated as such. Call us today to get a quote within minutes and have a team of experts dispatched to your premises.


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At Smart Touch Cleaning Services, we offer excellent cleaning services and exceptional customer care. We offer flexible scheduling to cater for the needs of your home, apartment or office

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