Home and Office Washroom Cleaning Tips

6 Home and Office Cleaning Tips for Your Washroom

The washroom is one of the most used rooms both at home and in the office. For this reason, it is also one of the toughest places to clean and least liked rooms by cleaners. Bathrooms, however, remain to the greatest equalizers as they tend to show the world how much a business cares about its customer service.

An unkempt or stinky washroom is one of the fastest ways to change a person’s perception of a certain home or business. Since you wouldn’t want your visitors and clients to feel that way about your washroom, you may want to look up for professional home and office washroom cleaning services in Kenya.

Your home and office washroom cleaning doesn’t always have to be a nightmare. With these easy steps mentioned below, you will be able to clean your home and office washroom professionally and effectively.

6 Professional Washroom Cleaning Tips for Home and Office

  1. Move all items from their usual spots
  2. This is an important step that you should do before you start doing the cleaning. Remove all items in the bathroom and toss all the dirty rugs and towels outside. If there are any trash cans, grab those as well.
  3. Dust the surfaces then sweep
  4. Use a duster with a long handle to remove cobwebs on the light fixtures and corners. When you are done dusting the surfaces, vacuum the floor to pick up the hairs and any other debris that might have accumulated on the floor.
  5. Apply a cleaning gel to the shower and bathtub as you tackle other surfaces
  6. If you clean your home and office washroom regularly, you can use an all-purpose detergent. However, if there is a lot of build-up on your bathtub and toilet, you may consider using an acid-based cleaner. Don’t forget to apply the cleaner on the shower track as well as the inside part of the shower door.
  7. Clean other surfaces in the washroom
  8. As they wait for the cleaner to sit, you can tackle other parts of the bathroom. You can use an all-purpose cleaner and a micro-fibre cloth. Clean the tower racks, shelves, windowsills, blinds and doors.
  9. Get back to cleaning the shower and bathtub
  10. Since you left the cleaner to soak in, at this point it has done most of the work for you. Use a toilet brush to lightly scrub away the build-up and dirt in your bathroom. Make sure that before you rinse the toilet and bathtub, all the walls, floors and other surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned as well.
  11. Replace all the items you had taken-out and clean the vanity area
  12. Since you had earlier removed all the items from the shower and toilet area, you can now replace them. If necessary, you can wipe them as you go. Spray a glass cleaner on your shower door in order to give it a nice streak-free finish. When that’s done you can move on to the sink area and clean the countertops and faucets. Use a sponge to remove any build-up on the sink and the soap dish before you wipe them clean.

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