The 5 Biggest Home and Office Cleaning Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

There’s nothing rare than to find a Kenyan who loves cleaning. The few who do prefer to, get it done as quickly and painlessly as possible. When it comes to cleaning, a lot of us can't avoid making big mistakes. Some are unaware of these mistakes while others are just ignorant. Make cleaning a stress-free task by hiring the Best Cleaning Service in Nairobi to handle your cleaning both at home and office. The following are five common mistakes most people do when cleaning.

  1. Not Sorting The Mail

    As a Home and Office Cleaning Services expert, we know that there is nothing that will attract dirt and disorganization like unsorted mail. Before handling any office related business or going to sleep at night, ensure that you go through any unsorted mail. Shred or toss unneeded mail into trash or recycling bins. For the remaining ensure that you go through them and act on them. If it is a bill, pay it. If it needs to be filled, do so.
  2. Failing To Do a Test Patch

    It doesn’t take long to test a product before you use it. This will help you save a lot of money and time by not damaging your home or office. It’s a much better idea to test a carpet cleaner on a patch of corner carpet before you use it on the whole room, damaging it permanently. You could also opt for Professional Cleaning Services to handle your cleaning.
  3. Unsafe Use of Cleaning Products.

    While in pursuit of a hygienic home or office, it’s important to keep in mind that certain cleaning agents or combinations of products can actually be unhealthy to use. People who suffer from allergies or asthma are affected by a number of products. Outsource your cleaning services to one of the Best Cleaning Services in Nairobi to avoid such mistakes.
  4. Not Wearing Gloves.

    When it comes to cleaning it is best to protect yourself. Keeping your hands attractive and preventing them from becoming inflamed, cracked or chapped will require you to wear gloves. Our skin is permeable, meaning it can absorb the chemicals and toxic substances from cleaning products. The best protection: wear either disposable latex or reusable rubber gloves while cleaning.
  5. Using General Spray Cleaners on Electronics

    Electronic gadgets should not be cleaned using regular cleaning sprays. Clean your gadgets using solvents that have high alcohol or spirit content. These solvents will evaporate ensuring your gadgets don’t get damaged. These few tips should make cleaning a rather simple and safe process for you. You can also visit our website for our various quotations for your cleaning preferences.

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